Shedding Some Light on the Icy Hot Debate

The Icy Hot Debate

Inflammation, Pain Management

Written by Gayle Hume and Nancy Baxter. There is a new wave of research that has proposed that using ice could be potentially harmful to the healing process of injured soft tissue and interfere with the body’s natural response to inflammation. But some clinicians are skeptical about tossing out such a useful pain-relieving tool. In this article, we hope to shed … Read More

Introduction to Bursitis

Bursitis Pain

Inflammation, Joint Pain

Written by Nancy Baxter, PT You may have heard the word bursitis spoken by the elderly, but as physiotherapists we hear it quite often. Most likely to develop in older adults, bursitis results in pain, swelling, and tenderness around a joint. As physiotherapists we specialize in helping to eliminate, or decrease a patient’s pain. We understand how pain can affect … Read More