What is Orthopaedic Physiotherapy? A High-Level Introduction

What is Orthopedic Physiotherapy? A High-Level Introduction

Joint Pain, Muscle Pain, Physiotherapy

Written by Gayle Hulme, PT Physiotherapy is a profession of physical medicine – which applies specific exercises and hands-on treatments to help optimize a person’s movement. It is a profession that has a vast array of sub-disciplines. You may find Physiotherapists in a hospital setting helping patients recover from fractures and joint surgeries, spinal cord and brain injuries, lung conditions, … Read More

Will A New Pillow Help My Neck Pain?

Will a New Pillow Help Neck Pain?

Joint Pain, Muscle Pain, Neck & Back Pain

Written by Nancy Baxter, Physiotherapist Recently one of my patients attended exhausted and frustrated with her worsening neck pain and headaches. She looked at me and declared, “we need to have THE TALK”. The pillow talk is what she was referring to, as surely a new pillow would ease her pain. On September 20, 2017, Statistics Canada released a report … Read More

Addressing Arthritis Pain Through Physiotherapy

Lower Back Pain Due to Arthritis

Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Joint Pain, Neck & Back Pain, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation

Written by Nancy Baxter, PT Arthritis is associated with over 100 identifiable conditions that present in whole or part with joint pain, inflammation and stiffness. According to the Arthritis Society, over 4.6 million Canadian adults (one in six Canadians aged 15 years and older) report having arthritis. As the Canadian population grows, it is predicted that by the year 2036 … Read More

Introduction to Bursitis

Bursitis Pain

Inflammation, Joint Pain

Written by Nancy Baxter, PT You may have heard the word bursitis spoken by the elderly, but as physiotherapists we hear it quite often. Most likely to develop in older adults, bursitis results in pain, swelling, and tenderness around a joint. As physiotherapists we specialize in helping to eliminate, or decrease a patient’s pain. We understand how pain can affect … Read More

Introduction to Exercise Therapy & Knee Osteoarthritis

Kneww Osteoarthritis Pain

Arthritis, Fitness, Joint Pain

Physiotherapists, like ourselves, frequently see patients with knee osteoarthritis in our clinic and are intrigued by the specific muscle impairments that are present in patients with knee osteoarthritis. It is our goal to treat pain, functional disabilities and muscle impairments associated with osteoarthritis to minimize it’s impact on  your daily lifestyle as much as possible. What’s exciting is that  these … Read More

What you Kneed to know about the Knee

Kneww Osteoarthritis Pain

Joint Pain, Rehabilitation

Anatomy Bones The knee consists of three bones: the femur (thigh bone), the tibia (shin bone), and the patella (knee cap). The fibula (smaller lower leg bone) makes a joint with the tibia, but is not involved in the articulation of the knee.  These bones are lined with hyaline cartilage, which makes the surfaces almost frictionless and helps to lubricate … Read More