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Susan Bocchinfuso
BSc.PT, BA. Psych, Acupuncture, Yoga, CLT, Cancer Rehab, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist
January 6, 2023

With PhysioYoga, you get the best of both worlds of using mindful yoga movements to help attain your physiotherapy goals!

What is PhysioYoga?

This is therapeutic Yoga within a physical therapy appointment.  With PhysioYoga, you get the best of both worlds of using mindful yoga movements to help attain your physiotherapy goals!

Physiotherapists are health care professionals trained in the assessment and treatment of injuries. They are experts in how bodies move and what stops them from moving.  In a yoga practice, teachers lead people through a variety of poses and usually take a holistic approach that incorporates mindful movement and breath.

Combining the science of physical therapy with the integrative approach of yoga helps people heal faster and makes them feel better. Although this combination can be helpful for everybody, in my experience it is a tool with the most power when it is put to use with people dealing with back pain, pelvic health issues or managing side effects from cancer treatments.

Yoga has been around a very long time and in today’s modern world it can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. To keep with the basics, yoga is a way to bring the mind and the body together with the breath. Mindful movement with purposeful breath helps regulate the nervous system which can help regulate our mood. Additionally it can help engage the musculoskeletal system to work more effectively and bring attention to suboptimal movement patterns that we might not be aware of and are likely the reason behind pain and dysfunction.

I have practiced yoga for 25 years. 10 years ago, I completed my yoga teacher training not long after I graduated from my Physical Therapy program. At the time the health care world was very focused on the biomedical model and struggled to address the needs of the whole person and struggled to look beyond disease or injury. Yoga seamlessly and gracefully bridged this gap for me and the clients with whom I work. I take great pleasure in the fact that the world of health care is starting to change, and that yoga is being taken seriously as we see the great changes it can make in people’s lives. The state of the body affects and influences the state of the mind.  

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