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How Physiotherapy Helps

Debilitating pain, chronic aches, and reduced mobility are just a few of the things that the specialists at Lakeview Physiotherapy & Acupuncture can help with. Our approach begins with a personalized assessment- all our treatment programs are individualized for each patient.

Nearly 5 million Canadians suffer from some level of arthritis. This sobering statistic highlights the pervasiveness of arthritis in our society. If you suffer from arthritis and joint pain, know that you are not alone and that we can help.

Physiotherapy helps reduce inflammation, improves joint mobility, and helps get you back to doing the things you love. Don’t let joint pain and arthritis prevent you from enjoying your life- see our specialists and learn more about how we can help you.

Learn more about how we can relieve your arthritis & joint pain.

The GLA:D program is a physiotherapist led education and exercise program for those diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the hips or knees.

Learn strategies to decrease symptoms of pain, reduce pain medication use and begin safe and effective exercises to improve your mobility and function.

Check out our upcoming class dates to decrease symptoms of pain, reduce pain medication use and begin safe and effective exercises to improve your mobility and function.

Unfortunately, these types of injuries are more common than we’d like to see. Whether it’s from an automotive accident, workplace injury, or simply getting up the wrong way, back and neck pain can be a real show-stopper.

Our approach to addressing these areas starts with reviewing your symptoms and medical history. From there, we design a treatment program that incorporates techniques and exercises as needed to bring the relief you’re seeking. Treatment may include acupuncture, manual/manipulative therapy, habit retraining, intramuscular stimulation (IMS), and other specialized techniques designed to address your back and neck pain.

Learn more about how we can help relieve your back & neck pain.

All of us know the pain that comes with a sports-related injury. Whether it’s a torn tendon on the tennis court, a strained bicep in the weight room, or a rolled ankle on the soccer field, injuries and sport are definitely not strangers. If you’re experiencing pain as a result of a sporting injury, we can help.

Our physiotherapists will create a personalized treatment program based on your injuries and the symptoms they present. As different injuries have different requirements, know that we will first determine the cause of your pain before creating a plan designed to address it.

Learn more about how we can help your sports injury heal.

Pelvic Health is a focused area of physiotherapy practice. We are proud to provide this much needed service at Lakeview Physiotherapy & Acupuncture since we opened our doors in 2006. From our patient and physician referrals, we have grown into the respected pelvic health program it is today – employing the greatest number of pelvic health physiotherapists in Calgary.

This specialized area of service is something we are proud to offer our patients. Years of experience and dedicated training have empowered us to provide relief for many symptoms associated with pelvic health problems (such as urinary/bowel problems, pelvic pain, painful intercourse, pelvic surgery recovery, and other related services).

We understand the intimate and personal nature of this service. Be assured that our physiotherapists and staff provide the best in professionalism and discretion. Your privacy and comfort are always our top priority.

Learn more about our approach to pelvic health.

On Calgary’s congested roads, accidents are a real hazard. Our approach to remediating these injuries involves careful assessment of the injury, the symptoms you are experiencing, and any specific points to consider when designing your treatment (ie- mobility restrictions, herniated discs, etc.).
Our physiotherapists can help you recovery from an accident-related injury.

Common injuries during a motor vehicle accident include whiplash, concussions, headaches, strains/sprains, fractures/broken bones, and bruising. We can assist in relieving the pain associated with these injuries and get you feeling better.

Learn more about how we can relieve pain associated with your auto accident.

Infant and childhood-specific conditions require special knowledge and skills. Our pediatric physiotherapists are specifically trained and have years of experience to identify and treat a wide variety of pediatric conditions.

“Caring for our patients & their children is a point of pride for our clinic. Thank you for letting us care for your family.”

Pediatric physiotherapy is similar to adult physiotherapy. The big exception is that the parents are involved in the treatment sessions. We only ask the children to do what they can tolerate, and to make it seem like they are not even “working” during the treatment.

Learn more about pediatric physiotherapy.

Now Offering Group Clinical Pilates Classes at Our Movement Studio

Our group Clinical Pilates classes are thriving and we are thrilled to announce that we have added evening classes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to complement our daytime schedule. All our small group classes are taught by one of our excellent physiotherapists and focus on improving mobility, core strength, pelvic health and overall function.

Classes are offered throughout the week and supplement our existing one-on-one Pilates programs for our patients

Clinical Pilates is a successful exercise program that combines the physiotherapists expertise in movement and rehabilitation with the proven benefits of the Pilates system. If you are interested in moving more and feeling better, let us show you how Clinical Pilates can help!

Register online or by calling our clinic at (403) 249-5253.

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