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Movement is Medicine and Exercise is Your Prescription
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Clinical Pilates with a Physiotherapist – Private, Semi-Private and 3 Person Group sessions (Megan Jenkinson, Jennifer Frey, Leah Milne)

Pilates with a Pilates Instructor - Privates, Duets and Groups up to 6 (Shalene MacKinnon, Kathleen Keller, Shannon Poulson, Gwen McKenzie)

Pre-Natal Yoga: 2 day workshops (Sappho Balfour)

We also offer a unique variety of GROUP classes

  • Pre and Postnatal Pilates
  • Hypopressives™ - Low Pressure Fitness
  • Stretch Flow
  • Spinal Stability Pilates
  • Yoga

We are your Movement experts. Keep your body in motion with our Pilates and Specialty classes.

Closing the Gap Between Recovery from an Injury and Real-life Exercises

Empowering Movement with Pilates

Experience The Benefits Of Prenatal Yoga Classes

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Explore Pilates & Movement

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