Fitness Pilates

Empowering Movement

Fitness Pilates Uses Specialized Equipment to Improve Strength, Flexibility, Posture, and Enhance Mental Awareness.
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Shalene MacKinnon

Pilates is a great way to keep your body moving and challenged! You can choose to register for individual Pilates sessions or group classes. Use this form of movement as a general exercise to gain strength and fitness or as the final step in the recovery of an injury. Pilates instructors have training in a variety of methods and offer endless combinations of exercises to keep you engaged and encouraged.

Working with a certified Pilates teacher helps you:  

● Learn how to connect to your deep intrinsic core
● Learn how to move from your "centre of support”
● Move and work in the best possible alignment
● Use the Pilates equipment including Reformers, Cadillacs, Spine Correctors and Wunda Chairs correctly and safely
● Learn a fun variety of exercises using props like, balls, bands, magic circles, foam rollers
● Be challenged, work hard and have fun

Individuals will benefit from this type of movement who have:

● A desire to connect deeper with your body
● Weak "core strength"
● Tight / weak hips
● Poor postural patterns
● A need to be stronger and feel younger
● A desire to join a community of like minded, fitness focused individuals

Our Fitness Pilates individual sessions and classes will give you:

● An exercise program focused on mind-body connection
● A regular workout routine that is a safe, empowering and fun!

Book A Fitness Pilates AppointmentBook A Fitness Pilates Appointment