Gwen McKenzie

Registered Massage Therapist, Pilates & Yoga Instructor

RMT, Restorative Exercise Specialist

With over 20 years experience in the Body Work and Movement field, Gwen is a highly sought-after Massage Therapist, Pilates Instructor, Yoga Teacher and Restorative Exercise Specialist.

As a multi-talented Movement teacher, Gwen is known for her unique and creative class designs making functional movement and neurologically-based training approaches fun and interesting. She believes the combination is instrumental to improving stability, flexibility, and in strengthening all aspects of the body and mind connection.

An outdoor enthusiast herself, as well as past competitive figure skater and skier, Gwen has had her share of personal injuries and concussions, and is no stranger to the often painful, long, and frustrating road of rehabilitation. This personal experience has only fueled her passion for doing what she loves most, and does best: helping people move and feel better.

In 2004, after operating her own very successful Yoga and Massage studio in Canmore, AB, Gwen moved to Calgary. Since then, she has continued to develop her skills at some of the top downtown Sports Medicine clinics, and teach at many reputable studios. Her numerous certifications have taken her all over the world, and she continues to do ongoing training with Master trainers.

Gwen enjoys teaching and massaging clients of all fitness levels and rehabilitation stages, her style, as described by clients, is intuitive and healing. Areas of specialty are in: athletic injuries, neck and back pain, chronic tension, digestive problems, TMJ dysfunction, post concussive issues, and pre/post-natal.

She brings new and innovative services to the Studio such as MIND-GYM - a Neuro Focused Movement class that combines specific systematic drills for movement, vision, vestibular and auditory skills - particularly valuable therapy for chronic pain and post-concussive patients; a Dynamic Aging class; and Yoga Fusion  –  relaxation & stretch class with heated props.

As a massage therapist, Gwen offers an array of Bodywork from Therapeutic Massage, to Craniosacral/Visceral therapies, to Hot Stone massage, Lymphatic drainage, Trigger-Point and Myofascial release, Table Thai Massage and Therapeutic Stretching.

Inspired by scientific and holistic approaches to health and movement, Gwen blends therapeutic touch with a challenging teaching style, to educate and empower clients to free themselves from pain, chronic tension, and dysfunctional movement patterns.  

An impressive list of credentials include Core Dynamics, Stott Pilates®, and Smart Spine Systems, Hatha Yoga, Neuro Movement and Restorative Exercise Specialist as well as various Therapeutic Massage specialties.

If you’re ready to achieve full movement potential; heal vision and vestibular deficits caused by age, chronic stress, injuries, surgeries, and/or concussions; or simply feel stronger, more athletic, healthier and relaxed, book in with Gwen today.

Gwen McKenzie
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