Sacha Lay


BScPT, ConnectTherapy™ + Thoracic Ring Approach™, Myofascial Release, Acupuncture (AFCI), Certified Gunn IMS

Sacha is passionate about discovering and treating the underlying causes of her patient’s complex and persistent pain.

After graduating from the University of Saskatchewan in 2005 with dual degrees in Kinesiology (with great distinction) + Physiotherapy (with distinction), Sacha continued to pursue her passion of understanding pain by taking numerous courses and certifications. These learning experiences have helped her develop a unique way of assessing and treating complex and persistent pain patterns.

Combining ConnectTherapy™, Thoracic Ring Approach™ and Mindfulness-Based Pain Relief training, Sacha’s whole-body assessment technique looks at the musculoskeletal system, nervous system and fascial system to determine the underlying causes (or drivers) of a patient’s pain experience.

Sacha’s treatment approach includes myofascial release techniques, acupuncture, IMS (dry needling), and mindfulness guidance for nervous system/central sensitization calming if needed. She also incorporates postural education, guided mindfulness recordings, and patient-specific stretching and fascial release techniques for at home.

This combination of assessment and treatment can be very effective for:

  • Anyone that continues to have pain after trying more traditional assessment + treatment techniques
  • After a motor-vehicle accident, injury, or surgery and pain is not responding to other treatment techniques
  • Pain that seemed to start without injury and isn’t resolving
  • TMJ pain
  • Headaches
  • Nerve-related pain

To help simplify her patient’s rehab experience, Sacha is certified to order diagnostic imaging (x-rays and ultrasounds) when indicated.

Sacha’s physiotherapy career has taken her from Saskatoon, to small town Saskatchewan, to small town Alberta, and finally to Calgary, where she has lived for over 15 years. Sacha loves the mix of big city and the great outdoors that Calgary has to offer. When she isn’t helping her patients successfully reach their goals, Sacha can be found chasing after her husband and two children on bike, trail, or water.


ConnectTherapy™ (Part 4 certified) + Integrated Systems Model Certifications

Acupuncture (AFCI Level 1)

Myofascial Release Techniques (John Barnes approach)

Mindfulness-Based Pain Relief Practitioner

Sacha Lay
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