Samantha Cattach


B.Phty, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

Sami is an Australian native, recently returned to Calgary and back to Lakeview Physiotherapy & Acupuncture again after 8 years in Brisbane, Australia.

She completed her Physiotherapy degree at the University of Queensland in 2010 and very quickly found her passion in perinatal and pelvic health. While her love of educating and supporting women through pregnancy and postpartum initially drew her to this field, she also is passionate about supporting women in all aspects of pelvic health - bladder and bowel dysfunction (urgency, incontinence and constipation), sexual pain (including vestibulodynia and vaginismus), chronic pain (including endometriosis, PCOS), and prolapse (also certified in pessary fitting).

Sami started and ran her own women’s health-focused practice in Brisbane for 6 years and was highly involved in raising awareness for women’s pelvic health and physiotherapy in the community and among other health professionals.  She loves learning from, collaborating and communicating with other practitioners to best support her patients in their journey.

She strongly believes in caring for and treating the whole person (not just the diagnosis) to help women feel confident in their bodies.

Outside of the clinic, Sami enjoys the mountains for snowboarding and hiking, and is currently training for a mini-triathlon! She has two young active boys who keep her on run, and has loved soaking in their joy and wonder in seeing snow for the very first time.

Samantha Cattach
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