Yvonne Roberts


MScPT, BScKin, Acupuncture, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

Yvonne grew up in the Niagara region and began her physiotherapy career after completing her masters at the University of Toronto in 2014. She developed her skills in manual therapy and her passion for pelvic health at busy clinics downtown Toronto but has recently made the move to Calgary! 

Over the years Yvonne has taken extensive courses in manual therapy and has completed her Intermediate Exam through the Orthopaedic Division of Canada. Most recently she has started her training in the McKenzie Diagnosis and Treatment approach. In addition, Yvonne has participated in many pelvic health courses allowing her to effectively treat prenatal & postpartum clients as well as those dealing incontinence, pain and prolapse. 

With both her orthopaedic and pelvic health clients, Yvonne makes everyone feel comfortable with her warm personality and friendly approach. She employs a holistic lens to her assessments and uses a multitude of treatment techniques with a special focus on exercise rehabilitation. Yvonne personally practices yoga, barre and Pilates and therefore regularly applies this approach to her treatment plans and encourages her clients to take an active role in their recovery.

Yvonne is very excited to be a part of the Lakeview team and to explore the city of Calgary and of course, the mountains!

Yvonne Roberts
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