Happy Hips Workshop

September 23, 2019

7:15pm until 8:30pm

Lakeview Movement Studio

Happy Hips Workshop

Join Kristie Norquay (yoga therapist and pelvic health physiotherapist living and working in Golden, B.C.) for this unique workshop series, designed to unwind your body & mind, release tension, and reduce pain.

This workshop series can benefit many varieties of pelvic pain & tension symptoms, such as:

  • pelvic floor muscle tension
  • painful sex
  • menstrual cramps
  • bladder urgency, frequency, or pain
  • constipation, digestive issues, rectal pain
  • chronic low back, hip, pelvis pain
  • stress, general tension

You will:

  • learn about pain and your nervous system
  • be in community with a group of women
  • increase mindfulness & body awareness
  • move your body in a safe way
  • learn to breathe in ways to reduce your pain
  • try self-massage techniques
  • experience relaxation & guided meditations
  • get curious with self-reflection, journaling, & discussion
  • create an action plan for self-care

Get Those Hips Moving!

Experience this hip-opening experience with Shalene MacKinnon, PMA®. For only $50 you will spend 75 minutes strengthening, stretching, and releasing around your hip joints. Learn some new rolling and release techniques that can help relieve hip, knee and low back discomfort. Add some new ideas to your existing home routine or get started with a new routine. Do your hips a favour and sign-up today!

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Happy Hips Workshop

Get Those Hips Moving!

Come for an evening of foot, toe, ankle and arch mobility using a variety of release tools and techniques.

  • Help create healthy foot joint motion  
  • Assist in arch function
  • Release, stretch and strengthen foot and ankle muscles
  • Build new walking patterns
  • Ease plantar fasciitis and help heel pain

Myofascial release balls, Joya toes spreaders, toesox® and other great items are available to purchase.

$50 per participant, workshop limited to 6 participants.

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