We Will Help Treat Your Back & Neck Pain With Massage, Acupuncture,
Exercises & More.

Pain in the neck and back can be exactly that – a real pain!

We know that spine pain can either creep up on you over time or it can jump right out at you when you wake up in the morning. Our job is to sort this out for you quickly and expertly. Trust us, you will be turning heads and bending backwards in no time!

Of People Experience Back Pain in Their Lifetime

Back & Neck Pain Treatments Centred on You

We want to get to the root of your pain.

We take the right amount of time to evaluate your neck and back and listen to your story. This helps us get a clear picture of which treatment technique will be best for your situation. Physiotherapists are trained to observe and correct alignment and movement issues. We can detect when the spine has an abnormal curve such as scoliosis and provide treatment to maximize the mobility, function and strength of the spine, lungs, and overall posture.

Beginning with your first visit with our professional Physiotherapists you can expect:

  • Interpreting your history of when and how the pain started
  • Detailed movement examination of your spine
  • Screening other body systems to make sure we are on the right track

Don’t Let Back or Neck Pain Run Your Life

Let us help ease your discomfort and improve your quality of life.

Expert Skills to Relieve Pain

When it comes to neck and back pain, there is more than one approach to take.

Based on our thorough assessment we may use any of the following special techniques and technology to set things straight:

Manual and Manipulative Therapy

This is where we use our hands to move specific areas of your body to move it in the way it was meant to move. With advanced training, our physiotherapists perform movements that range from an unperceivable touch to a quick thrust to free up a stuck joint.

Acupuncture and Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS)

Our physiotherapists use needles as another advanced skill. Acupuncture can help spine pain by balancing the body’s energy, body fluids and blood flow. IMS is a method of needling to improve the nerve’s communication with the muscle.

Habit Retraining

It’s more than sitting up straight for better posture. Your brain is a big part of neck and back pain which means we need to teach it new patterns to control your body.


Not just any exercises but a few, specifically targeted exercises that gets your neck and back moving and feeling like normal again. This might mean you are asked to use a few props like a towel, a wall, or a pressure gauge (what? Yes we can get creative!).

Movement or your neck or back might be the initial prescribed task, but then again, your physiotherapist might find that isolating your body awareness to the deeper muscles perhaps is in order for you.

Why is there no “recipe” exercises for your neck and back pain? Because your problem is unique and needs to have special attention paid to all the movements that make you – you.

Our Physiotherapists

Nearly 20 talented and experienced physiotherapists work with us at Lakeview Physiotherapy & Acupuncture. Physios that specialize in back and neck pain include: