What is IMS and is it right for me?


Written By: By: Renée Hill, Physiotherapist, Gunn IMS Certified Practitioner An overview of IMS and the conditions it can be used to treat. Have you ever had a friend, colleague or family member say that they have benefited from IMS treatment at their physiotherapy appointment? Has someone ever recommended that you try IMS but you don’t really know what would be … Read More

The Pessary: Giving Support Where Women Need it



Written By: Gayle Hulme, BscPT, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist A discussion on Pessary supports for management of pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence. Women’s pelvic health physiotherapists have many strategies, exercises, and innovations to help patients solve their pelvic health problems. One such option we now have as physiotherapists in Canada is to fit patients with an internal support device called a … Read More

Physiotherapy for Chronic Testicular Pain

Discussing Male Pelvic Floor & Prostate Issues

Chronic Pain, Mens Pelvic Health, Pelvic Health

By Linc Pisio, PT There are many causes of testicle pain… some are more serious than others. As we all know, testicles are very sensitive, and even minor incidents can cause significant pain. And when it’s present, testicular pain can have a major impact on one’s quality and enjoyment of life. Physiotherapy is often helpful in treating testicular pain when … Read More

What is Orthopaedic Physiotherapy? A High-Level Introduction

What is Orthopedic Physiotherapy? A High-Level Introduction

Joint Pain, Muscle Pain, Physiotherapy

Written by Gayle Hulme, PT Physiotherapy is a profession of physical medicine – which applies specific exercises and hands-on treatments to help optimize a person’s movement. It is a profession that has a vast array of sub-disciplines. You may find Physiotherapists in a hospital setting helping patients recover from fractures and joint surgeries, spinal cord and brain injuries, lung conditions, … Read More

Men’s Groin Pain: What’s So HIP About It

Main With Groin Pain

Mens Pelvic Health, Pelvic Health

Written by Gayle Hulme, PT think most of us will grimace when we watch re-runs of the Simpson’s where the old man gets hit in the groin with a football. Okay, haha – it’s also a little bit funny. These comical collisions might be avoided by our beloved cartoon’s character’s lightning-speed reflexes, but in reality painful impact injuries to the … Read More

Shedding Some Light on the Icy Hot Debate

The Icy Hot Debate

Inflammation, Pain Management

Written by Gayle Hume and Nancy Baxter. There is a new wave of research that has proposed that using ice could be potentially harmful to the healing process of injured soft tissue and interfere with the body’s natural response to inflammation. But some clinicians are skeptical about tossing out such a useful pain-relieving tool. In this article, we hope to shed … Read More

How Physiotherapy Helps You Recover From Muscle Strains

Sprained Hamstring

Muscle Pain, Physiotherapy

If you’ve ever had a muscle strain, you might’ve been recommended to visit a physiotherapist by your doctor, a family member, or a friend. With no previous knowledge on the benefits of physiotherapy, it’s easy to choose medication as a temporary measure to reduce and control pain. However, choosing physiotherapy will treat the symptoms AND provide education on the extent of the injury, look at possible causes, and ways to prevent recurrence.