Prenatal Yoga

Experience The Benefits Of Prenatal Yoga Classes

Yoga is a wonderful way to move your body and practice mindfulness.
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Pilates Instructors: 

Sappho Balfour


Prenatal Yoga Classes

Yoga is a wonderful way to move your body and practice mindfulness.

Yoga builds a person’s breath control, meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures. This type of movement is beneficial for overall health and relaxation and enables participants to manage stress and tension in their everyday lives.

Prenatal Yoga Building Pelvic Floor Health For Expectant Mothers

Yoga during pregnancy is an essential form of movement and meditation for expectant mothers.  Throughout the series of classes, each woman will be led by an experienced prenatal yoga instructor to find balance for her pelvic floor health, postures, breath work, and relaxation.  Key elements of this class will include birth preparation as well as address other common pregnancy issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, fatigue, insomnia, and general stiffness.

Previous yoga experience is not necessary. Because the class size is limited to 6 students, each individual’s needs are recognized and adjusted based on varying levels of comfort and fitness. This class is suitable for pregnant women in their second trimester and beyond.

Pelvic Floor Focus

Correct understanding of pelvic anatomy and integrating the practice of pelvic floor exercises will assist in improving overall comfort during pregnancy and prepare for birth and recovery.

Breathing & Yoga Meditation

Prenatal yoga explores relaxation and meditation strategies for release of tension and stress. The breathing practices assist in maintaining and improving overall circulation. Meditation in pregnancy can help to diminish fear and anxiety towards upcoming childbirth. These techniques carry over beyond the child-bearing years, providing tools and techniques for self-relaxation.

Meet Our Yogi


I grew up in Calgary and have lived here almost entirely, but for a few years on the west coast. I have spent many years as a student in one form or another, and will always consider life to be a learning journey.

In 1991 I attended my first yoga class on Saltspring Island, and experienced the inner changes and growing awareness that come with a yoga practice. After SSI, came a life changing trip to India where I became intrigued with Hindu and Buddhist religious systems. Eventually, it was back to Calgary where I obtained a degree in Culture & Communications and an MA in Religious Studies.

Following the ‘mind’ work I embarked on a yoga teacher training program at the Yoga Centre of Calgary where I became a certified yoga teacher. After successfully completing that program I began teaching yoga and started my massage therapy training at Mount Royal College. After many gratifying years in bodywork, I studied to become a Registered Nurse and now spend my time using all three skill sets – community nursing, teaching yoga and massaging.

My yoga classes embrace physical harmony, emotional expression, spirituality, group camaraderie, and often humour

Book Your Prenatal Yoga ClassesBook Your Prenatal Yoga Classes