Kathleen Keller

Pilates Instructor

Master Pilates Instructor / Multiple Discipline Practitioner

Kathleen has been teaching since 1979.  She has distinguished herself as an international leader in movement and has been known as the “teacher’s - teacher” since 2002.  She owns the educational companies, Keller Method Pilates & Rehabilitation and Keller Method Vitality. A former national level competitive gymnast, professional dancer and group fitness instructor, Kat discovered Pilates following an injury in 1993.  Her pathway shifted dramatically, and she began her vocational training.

Kathleen spent five years teaching overseas.  She introduced the first international level of Pilates teacher - training programs to both Malaysia and Indonesia.  She mentored locals to become Pilates instructors and taught workshops to physiotherapists and chiropractors.  Her last year overseas she was teaching - teachers in Spain and groups of physiotherapists in various Spanish towns and in London.

Since returning to Canada in 2008, Kat has been working closely with Calgary’s top physiotherapists.  At our Lakeview Movement Studio, she teaches:  Private and Small Group Sessions and offers Workshops in: Pilates, Self-Myofascial Release, Posture Correction, Myofascial Anatomy & Movement.

She will be offering TRE® in late 2019 (after completion of the final practicum phase of her Certification.)  TRE ® is an innovative and powerful series of exercises that assists the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma.

Kat draws inspiration from her vast knowledge of anatomy, myofascial trainings and research, biomechanics, Feldenkrais Techniques ®, Franklin Method ®concepts, and research and practices in orthopaedics. She will work with you to achieve and excel in whatever physical goals you desire, or any rehabilitative needs that you may have.  Kat teaches people all along the movement spectrum from post-surgical to persistent pain, to athletes … and everyone in-between.


·       2012 - Certified Teaching Assistant, Thomas Myers - Anatomy Trains (Maine)

·       2013 - Certified Fascial Fitness Trainer® -  Dr. Robert Schleip (Germany)

·       2003 - Pilates Certifications - Polestar® and Meridian (Hong Kong & Kuala Lumpur)

·       2000 - Certified Yamuna Body Rolling Instructor (New York) - Kathleen has gone on to develop her own courses and techniques in this area called SMR - Self Myofascial Release.

·       2001 - Pilates Apprenticeship - 350 hours, Canadian Pilates Institute (Vancouver)

·       1999 – Pilates Certification - STOTT® Apparatus and Mat (Vancouver)

·       1994 - Pilates Rehabilitation - Apprenticeship and Certification, 1000 hours - The Method Center (Vancouver)

Kathleen Keller
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