Megan Jenkinson

Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor

BScPT, BKin, Women’s Health, Pediatrics, Certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor

Megan graduated from the University of Alberta in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy. Previously, she earned a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Calgary.

Megan developed an interest in therapeutic exercise and recovery from injury as a young athlete, while competing in Freestyle Skiing at a National level. She began her physiotherapy career in Sports Medicine. Her love of working with children soon led her into the field of pediatrics.

She worked at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, and then continued on to private practice pediatrics. She has experience treating babies, children and adolescents with orthopaedic concerns, physical challenges and gross motor delays.

Megan was first introduced to Pilates in 2004. She was immediately intrigued with the method, and found that it was very effective in combining traditional therapeutic exercises into whole body movement. Specifically, postural awareness, breathing, motor control and stability training. She went on to complete her STOTT Pilates™ certification, as a complement to her physiotherapy practice.

Megan has experience working with clients with a wide range of concerns, including low back pain, neurological conditions, scoliosis, osteoarthritis, as well as neck and shoulder injuries. She has specific training and experience in Women’s Health for diastasis recovery and improving pelvic girdle pain during and after pregnancy.

She is passionate about teaching people to connect with their bodies, move without pain, and return to activity with increased strength and awareness.

Megan Jenkinson
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